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"A business approach to customer service!

We will give you the tools“

In short, we at Toprated.co.za want to celebrate great customer service. If your business prides itself with great customer service, then this is the website for you! Listing with us shows your commitment to our plight - treating our customers like royalty. Great customer service isn't only about the good reviews, but also about how businesses conduct themselves when things go wrong - we will give customers and businesses the communication tools to move forward.

"What do we want?“

To help businesses improve their customer service To help customers find businesses that are TOPRATED Make it easy for businesses and customers to communicate without limits Even through tough economic times, businesses that offer their clients a high level of personalized service will thrive. It's our purpose to give these businesses a platform to do that. Businesses can sign up FREE (we do have a PREMIUM package too), and can always respond without having to pay us a FEE #noexcuses

"How we help customers?“

Businesses voluntarily add themselves on our website database for free. That means off the bat, customers can find businesses that take customer service very seriously. Customers can read reviews, write their own, and use our rating system to inform other customers of their experience. You can also Submit Your Profile so that other users can rate you. Optimization - our website has been highly optimized so customers will have a great overall experience finding what they need

"For Everyone?“

  • It's FREE!  We do run ADS on free business listings and category areas of our website - more about this in our Support Forum
  • UNLIMITED communication - there's no limit on the number of words in responses, reviews, etc.
  • PRIVACY - you set the rules. We don't publish contact numbers and user information - a businesses can publish their contact information at their sole discretion. Businesses can also send a private message to the reviewer and they can handle issues using our messaging facilities.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA integrated - easily Tweet / Facebook / etc. from every listing

"Some of the great features of our website"

  • For Businesses :
    • Add Your Business info and Logo
    • Add a Google Map (includes Street view)
    • Add YouTube! video / Facebook page
    • Get your customers to rate and review you
    • Let our Search engine allow your customers to find you
    • Rating and Reviews: List your business on our website and allow your customers to rate you.
    • UNLIMITED Communication : Toprated.co.za promotes open communication with the ability to sort out issues offline Businesses can rate their customers
    • AND MANY MORE! See COMPARE PLANS for the full list
  • Registered Customers:
    • Rate businesses (add them if they don't exist on our database)
    • Super Search to help you find the top rated companies
    • Find service providers easily!
    • FREE Registration
    • Submit Your Profile and let other users rate you

We hope you enjoy your experience on our site. We also hope you like our simple, mobile friendly design.

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