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Updated June 28, 2018
1 Pb,Centurion,South Africa, Tel: 0861115444, website: www.timemagazine.com
Words that describe this business : Advertising, Advertise, Media, Publication, Agency, Advertisers, Promote, Promotion, Awareness, Billboard, Broadcasting, Communication, Consultancy, Conceptual, Creative, Design, Develop, Digital, Distribution, Exhibition, Graphics, Marketing, Multimedia, Publish
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Stop using the South African postal service
Love the content of Time Magazine and appreciate its global relevance. However, South Africa is poorly catered for in regard to online access to the magazine. The country is in none of its drop-down country boxes so we are exposed to the inefficiencies of a postal system that no longer works. I received only one issue in May and one in June. I cannot get access to back copies and have no guarantee they will arrive anyway. None of the online services I have attempted to engage with allows a South African to engage and the telephone number for Centurion 0861115444, the quoted contact number has been terminated. I have sent a complaint to the Centurion site - but including us in your online offering will eliminate the need for local telephone calls.
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