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October 16, 2018 654
Mtn must take back this useless phone
Good Day

I really need some intervention here as i feel cheated and taken for granted as an mtn contract consumer. I have tried everything I was informed to do by mtn consultants to the manager and still have had no positive outcome 4weeks later.

I finished paying my original contract with mtn last year and was advise not to close the account incase I change my mind about getting another phone. So I downgraded as advised and took a data package for R100 monthly. I later upgraded and received a new device (iphone SE) on a R200 monthly package. 

The new phone is almost 5 months and started giving me a problem a month ago. I immediately took it back to the MTN in Maponya mall where u had purchased it and was informed my account is R1450 in arrears. I made a payment a day after and was guaranteed it will be fixed in the week. 

The week passes and I start making calls again to the call center. I am emailing agents back and forth some asking for the pop which I sent with no hesitation and was advised to wait another week. The week passes and I decide to go to another mtn in Southgate (my 1st encounter with mtn Southgate was a delight) I give the agent named John all the details and references I had received after speaking to a William Meintjies at the call center who assured me that all is well which was all a lie. 

John advised my phone was blacklisted and I need to get an affidavit to get it to work. I went to my police station immediately and got him all the paper work he said he needed including my contract. He advised he could also see the payment as I was informed by William as well. I left and was asked to wait another seven days.

On the Thursday which was 3 days later after my visit to John, my primary number was suspended, I had asked William initially on our call to change my primary number to a pre paid and assured me it's done. I even asked John the same thing and also gave me a thumbs up. I go to mtn Southgate again and find John is not there and get assistance from a lady by the name of Kholiwe she confirmed that John did what he said he would do and the phone status on their system reflects normal. She made a few calls and sent the docs again and said to wait about 48hrs she will contact me and opened my primary number. She called me the very same day and asked me to switch of the other phone she will let me know when to turn it back on. Third week without a phone. Kholiwe calls and I am unavailable and she sends me a text to switch the phone on in Friday last week. I do just that and the phone still has no service. I sent her back a text to make her aware and even send another one minutes later as she is not responding.

I am now fed up and decide I no longer want this phone. This was a birthday gift for my partner so she is able to get in touch with her prospects and do business as she is a network marketer so in this 3 weeks she is lost and not making any contacts let alone any cash. 

So I head back where i purchased the phone and ask to speak yo the manager, I break down the story again, giving him referenced and contacts, showing him emails and advise I no longer want the phone. This is last week Saturday now. The manager very understandingly says he will only be able to assist me when the power is back as he need to use his laptop and follow cause. He had promised to call me yesterday till now I am waiting for him.

Yesterday I receive an sms that I have 4 gigs of data the very one I had requested not to be loaded as I want my primary number in pre paid. What do i do thou?????

It's Tuesday, I still have not heard from the manager ?

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